E2E secures the land transport phase of supply chain operations in two ways. The first is our trace and tracking service. 

Our platform is connected to GPS devices that we use to know where your every truck is 24/7, and the monitoring team follows a strict list of action protocols in case there is any variable during the process. Our clients can also check their cargo regardless their location with the application and contact the operators regardless the time.

¿How does E2E protect my investment?

In addition to our supporting team, we count with a team of highly capable professional escorts that have years of experience in protecting convoys in North and Latin America. They are specialists in identifying and anticipating to high risk situations that might arise on the road, and they work in precise synchronization with local enforcement agencies.

Our security team go through extensive background checks and they are trained to detect external and internal threats. They work in coordination with the logistics team to ensure the operation follows the timeframe and parameters established during the planning phase.

According to the statistics, cases of assaults on trucks and cargo theft have been incrementing during the last three years, but the numbers also indicate the supply chains that are protected by escorts are less likely to be chosen by criminals or to be stopped on military checkpoints.

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